Coastal Development

Brinkerhoff Environmental Services, Inc. has provided technical environmental and engineering services on coastal and waterfront development projects for more than 20 years.  From regulatory permitting for small projects to large-scale Brownfield redevelopments on the urban waterfront, Brinkerhoff’s professional staff has the experience to streamline the process.

Brinkerhoff begins each project by thoroughly investigating and identifying the ecological and regulatory constraints.  Some of the constraints which may impact proposed improvements to waterfront and coastal properties include:

  • The presence of endangered, threatened, or critical wildlife or plant species or habitats;
  • Shellfish and submerged vegetation;
  • Wetlands and adjacent transition areas (buffers);
  • Acid producing soils;
  • Floodplains;
  • Riparian zones;
  • Category One (C-1) waters;
  • Special Waters Resource Protection Areas (SWRPAs); and,
  • Historic and archaeological resources.

Identifying the ecological and regulatory constraints is a critical component in determining the level of involvement federal and state agencies will have in a particular project.

Brinkerhoff works with our Clients to produce a development plan which meets each Client’s goals and is responsive to all ecological and regulatory constraints.

Brinkerhoff has documented success working with the state and federal oversight agencies when seeking to install waterfront structures and protective barriers and to complete dredging projects

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